The Combined Search Results page combines results from one or more searches for a single run into a single result set. The page lists high-level metrics including:

Queries - the number of search attempts for the set of spectra.
Peptide Spectral Matches - the number of mass spectrometer scan events which led to an identification.
Peptide Sequence Matches - the number of different peptide sequences identified.
Protein Groups - the minimal number of proteins identified, not including any possible isoforms.

Three result views are available:

Protein profile - a list of all protein identifications, including all isoforms.
Parsimony profile - a minimal list of protein identifications, with sets of proteins mapped from the same peptides shown in a single row.
Peptides - a list of all peptide identifications.

A table is shown listing all searches performed for this run in the same format as the search queue page.