A project page

A project page compiles all of the information about a set of runs to a single page. Many of the tables are the same as described elsewhere. At the top of the page is a field to invite other users to share the project. A summary and methods section are available for notes and describing experimental methods. The metrics table displays a number of metrics which may be used to evaluate samples and analytical performance.

The runs table view results link leads to a page which combines all of the search results for that run into a single output. The runs table also displays the sample name for each run.

The quantitation summary links show the calculated abundances based on either MS1 peak area under the curve measurements or MS2 (tandem MS) fragment ion intensity measurements for peptides or proteins across all samples in the project. These may be downloaded as TSV or MS Excel files.

Files may be attached to the page, such as spreadsheets with custom views, photos of experimental findings or manuscripts in preparation.