The interface for uploading mass spectrometry data.

The following file formats are supported for upload: MGF, mz5, mzML and mzXML.

MS1 Resolution
Options: high or low
Select high if you are uploading data generated by a high resolution instrument (FT, Orbi, TOF) in either mz5, mzML or mzXML formats. This will result in MS1 peak area data being extracted for the uploaded file. Select low for lwo resolution instruments or for MGF uploads.

Start cluster
Options: yes or no
Select yes if you want a compute cluster to start automatically following upload to search the uploaded data.

Cluster nodes
Options: 1 or more
Define the number of node in the compute cluster. One is usually sufficient. Be careful, using more nodes than necessary will use more of the allotted hours than necessary.

Search flow
Options: serial or parallel
Select serial to have a single compute cluster execute the defined search workflow sequentially, one following another. Select parallel to have multiple compute clusters launched, one for each of the search parameters defined in the workflow.

Options: all defined workflows (see Search Workflows page)
Select the workflow to use to define the search parameters for the uploaded data.

Add to project
Options: New or existing project
Select an existing project to upload the data to and to have the resulting searches appear in, or define a new project.

Upload a file
Click to open a dialog box to browse to the data to be uploaded, or drag and drop the data files onto this button to start the uploads. Additional files may be added to the upload queue even if the upload is in progress.

Do not navigate away from the Upload page while an upload is in progress - the upload will be lost and will have to be restarted. Uploads may be in compressed formats to save time. Zip and Gzip are supported.